2012 event

br.BIO.fr promoted in 2012 at the Institut Pasteur in Paris the 1st French-Brazilian symposium on biosciences. A day of meeting and discussion among high level researchers working in projects between Brazil and France in the field of life sciences.

Our goal to promote bilateral research was fulfilled with great lectures and the certainty that Brazil and France share more than a passion for soccer, but also a passion for science.

Young researchers, group leaders, and even retired professors who performed research which involved Brazilian and French personnel and funding shared experience, results and strategies. The difficulties on how to perform a bilateral work was also a topic.

In the following years our mission is to continue to promote bilateral funded and performed research between Brazil and France, and to publicize the opportunities and results of French-Brazilian initiatives on life sciences research.

Streaming videos from the 2012 br.BIO.fr are still available at: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/br-bio-fr—21st-mars-2012—paris