We would like to announce and invite you to participate on the fourth French-Brazilian Symposium on Biosciences that will be held at Universidade Federal do Rio de janeiro (Rio de Janeiro Federal University) Rio de Janeiro on November 7 and 8th, 2018

This event aims to promote and strengthen the existing bilateral cooperation programs, integrate the different french-brazilian groups and establish new collaborations. 

The idea is to bring together all interested scientists and spend a day discussing our current and future projects. 

For this, short oral presentations will be promoted focusing mainly on the scientific expertise and projects that each speaker has or seeks in a collaborator. This approach, clear and objective, aims to make this event a proper moment for the beginning of new collaborations.



In 2018, the symposium will be integrated into the 1st Rio International School of Structural Biology (RIO-ISSB), that will be held at the same venue and on the same week of the 4th We will be glad if you manage to join both meetings!