Please register or submit an abstract using THIS LINK (V LAPS website).

III registration fees (before September 19th):
Students: R$ 40
Post-Doc: R$ 70
Professionals: R$110
(after September 19th):
Students: R$ 50
Post-Doc: R$ 80
Professionals: R$120

 The ABSTRACT SUBMISSION for ORAL AND POSTER presentations for the 3rd is OPEN until September 30th.

You are welcome to present your project and results if you´ve part of a bilateral project or if you´re looking for new collaborations!

Abstracts must be submitted during the registration process. They should be up to 1 page long, including title, authors and institutions.

Abstracts are welcome on absolutely all areas of biosciences such as molecular and cellular biology, microbiology, medicine, pharmacology, bioinformatics, developmental and structural biology, stem cells, imaging, etc. Abstracts should focus on potential applications, best practice, method development, state of the art, results and collaborations.

Important information: The official language of the event, for communications, presentations, posters and certificates, is ENGLISH.

Please feel free to send suggestions!