Confirmed speaker: Dr. Muriel Delepierre

Dr. Muriel Delepierre is the leader of the NMR of Biomolecules Unit at Pasteur Institut. Her research is mainly dedicated to understanding the function of macromolecules such as proteins, nucleic acids and oligosaccharides through the study of their structure, interactions and dynamics. To this end, her group use NMR, biophysical and biochemical techniques and work in collaboration with various groups from the Institut Pasteur and with laboratories in France and abroad.
The main projects currently being undertaken in her lab are: (i) Structural and functional studies of proteins involved in the active transport of nutrients in bacteria; (ii) The control of neuronal death and survival by the rabies virus glycoprotein; (iii) Structural and functional studies of NEMO, a regulatory protein of the NF-kB signaling pathway; (iv) Structural studies of antigenic determinants recognized by a protective monoclonal antibody, aimed at developing a vaccine against shigellosis; (v) Biosynthesis of the fungal cell wall and structural analysis of the RodA hydrophobin from Aspergillus fumigatus conidia; (vi) Putative transcription factors from hyperthermophilic-archaea and their viruses;(vii) Functional sub-domains ofBordetella pertussis adenylate cyclase CyaA toxin

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